What we did in July

The Mercury retrograde hit hard, but we hit harder! Collaborations, new speakers, and visits to festivals, all that to make sure you get the most out of Film Festivals Days 2019 – European Conference.

New collaboration with Eventival

Eventival is an event technology company and the producer of the world’s most widely used film festival data management software. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal to empower festivals and other cultural, social and business events with software tools that would simplify their year-round planning, improve their internal organization, increase their impact and provide a better services to their professional visitors and regular audience. Eventival’s team is attending FFD 2019. Tomáš Prášek, founder and CEO, is participating in a panel “Film festivals – technology, progress”.


New collaboration with the graphic design studio Šesnić & Turković

Founded by Goran Truković and Marko Šesnić in 2006, this graphic design studio has collaborated with filmmakers from the start and they are now well known for their film design work. They designed over 50 film and TV series posters, opening and closing titles, and promotional materials for films.  Most often they are involved from the early beginnings of the film pre-production, and work with the director and producer on all aspects of film promotion. Goran Turković and Marko Šesnić will be the leading the amazing Keynote Speech “Communicate it! The power of visual communications”.

We visited THE 7th LOCO LONDON COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL, 11 – 14th July 2019, BFI Southbank.

Picture above: Marijana Knezoci (FFD co-founder), Carolina Duarte (Head of Industry @LOCO, FFD co-founder) and Denise Hicks, co-founder and Managing director @LOCO)